Photo by Guru Khalsa

"We found hope on the dance floor, the memory of home in our first kiss"  -CMB

Chris and I met on the dance floor of one of our best friend's wedding.  The picture to the left is the moment we actually met.  The sea of people parted, we locked eyes, then we danced our way into each other's arms underneath a full moon.  We've been inseparable ever since.  In fact so inseparable we said "I Do" this past Spring. 


Most weddings we shoot together.  He's my right hand man.  I'm his left hand lady. When we aren't photographing or shooting video over the weekend, you can find us sniffing gourmet coffee beans for our french press, standing in line for our weekend guilty pleasure of breakfast burritos at the farmer's market, sippin' on craft ciders watching live music at The Greek, treasure hunting at estate sales and local thrift stores, roadtripping with our 2 dogs playing gin rummy camping underneath the stars by a river somewhere with the family. 

I'm an analog girl living in a digital world.  I went to school processing my own 35mm film and spending hours in the darkroom developing my own prints.  Miss that red mood lighting and the smells of those chemicals!  I've recently started adding film (actual negative to those that keep asking me what film is) into my packages.  Do you love and miss that old school 3x4 polaroid vibe?  Not the Instax mini's. The real deal?  I have it!  Do you miss 35mm film camera pics?  I have it!  Do you love the idea of your wedding film being on Super 8mm motion picture?  I have it!!!!!  


Do we sound like your people?  Let's chat! 

Siouxzen + Chris

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