Engaged couple on white vespa in streets of La Jolla, CA holding each other
Engaged Couple: laughing as fiancée is whispering something in her ear.  Vasquez Rocks in the background
Lesbian engaged couple having brunch with their Golden Retriever
SoCal Engaged couple holding a surfboard together in LaJolla, CA
Engaged couple: laying ontop each other on the beach during sunset in Lajolla, CA
Engaged Couple: Hugging each other on the beach while sunsets in LaJolla, CA
Engaged Couple:  holding hands walking across the street of Downtown Los Angeles, CA
Engaged Couple in Bay Area on a piggy back
Black and white engaged couple hugging each other
Silhouette of engaged couple against sunset head to head with palm trees in LaJolla, CA
Engaged couple hugging each other woman in red dress in San Francisco Bay Area
Engaged Couple:  on a bench head to head overlooking the ocean in LaJolla, CA
Lesbian engaged couple looking at each other
Engaged Couple:  walking thru a field of golden grass
Engaged Couple: hugging each other Downtown Los Angeles

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