You + Me. All your questions answered. Nothing is off the table. Online or In-Person. This is all about you. We go over anything and everything. I don't believe in gatekeeping information. Any questions you have on how to organize your projects, how to create a proposal, which camera lens to use, what to put in your kit or how to edit your images, I'm here for you.

Real knowledge from a 26 year industry veteran

Direct face-to-face mentorship tailored to your needs

Useful for fresh faces and experienced photographers alike

Mentorship Calls

Wedding Photography 1 : 1


1.5 hours 1:1. What's in my kit, which lenses to use, what shots are "must-haves", how to find your editing style. All questions answered. I will share all my notes that I have picked up in the last decade of shoots.

Fashion Photography 1 : 1


1.5 hours 1:1 with me either in-person or on Zoom. Ask me how to set-up a test shoot, what kind of lighting to look for, or how to know pose your model. I will share all my knowledge of what I have learned being in the industry.